by Adrian Perrig, Yeon Yim, Heejo Lee, Miyoung Jung, Ah-yeong Yu

This introductory Korean language book takes a novel approach to learning reading and writing Hangeul, the Korean language script. With attention to foreign learners, the book gently introduces each Hangeul character with the appropriate pronunciation. The book introduces several new learning techniques:

  • Intuitive memory aids for learning consonants and vowels
  • Reading of handwritten or artistic Hangeul characters
  • English text written with Hangeul phonetic characters
  • Discovery of impossible characters learning game
  • Practice the stroke order to write Hangeul
  • Learn how to type on Hangeul keyboards

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    by Adrian Perrig, Miyoung Jung, Yeon Yim, Heejo Lee

    This book helps to learn Korean vocabulary with the goal to learn as many useful Korean words in as short time as possible. By building up a solid base vocabulary, the learner will rapidly progress to master the language. We follow a multi-faceted learning approach in this book:

  • Providing historical background of the Korean language to describe the origin of Korean words
  • Grouping words that share a similar context
  • Starting with loan words, which are especially simple for learners proficiant in a Western language (presumably in English)
  • Association-based learning
  • Presenting Sino-Korean and pure-Korean based affixes

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